Step by Step User Guide

Simple Steps to show how to recover corrupt or deleted easily from hard drive partition.

Step 1

Install software on your machine and the first screen thus appeared will display the option to Scan Disk and as the tool supports entire Windows OS, user can select this option to scan disk available within the OS. steps

Step 2

After Clicking on Scan Disk option software will display available partitions along with partition details. available partitions

Step 3

Select the specific Drive from which you want to Recover Data and then click on the Recover Partition button to proceed the process. select partition

Step 4

Recover Options- Once the disk that are system recoverable is shown, user can select the particular hard drive disk and then choose the recovery option from the three provided as: options

Step 5

After clicking on the Recover option:

Scanning Starts- The particular disk selected will be scanned and the progress of scanning process will be shown, if user wants to stop the hard disk scanning process then option to stop the process is also given. recovery progress

Step 6

Get Summary- Once the disk scanning is done then the summary of the process to recover data. The message includes drive name, total size, bytes read, folders, and files. Now to proceed locating the missing or inaccessible files click on the Search Button. summary of files and folders

Step 7

View and Save Option- After scanning is done, user can choose the option to view the data recovered going for the search option. Among the bulk data user can search particular file with file extension, Creation Date, Last Modified Date, File Name etc provided. You can check/uncheck the “Include Deleted Files Only ” option to isolate the results from deleted option

Step 8

Preview Entire Data- The entire data from the disk that is been scanned and recovered can be viewed in the preview section provided. User can right click on any folder to display the content on the right panel. Selecting individual item will give option to preview selected file so that it can be confirmed the 100% accuracy. preview selected file

Step 9

Extract Folders- To extract folders to safe location in the Windows OS running system, user can right click on the folder and get option to extract selected folders. extract selected folders

Step 10

To manually Save Files, you have to first Select the file(s) from the Right Pane » Right-click the selected file » Choose Extract Selected Files from the drop down menu as shown below: extract selected files

Step 11

Browse Location- The data that is selected to be extracted after scanning can be saved in the desired location for what user need to browse the location and Click OK by confirmation. save recovered data

Step 12

The process to recover deleted data or recover data from hdd completely once is over; the software pops up a Message Window as soon as the Extraction process completes successfully. Click OK to quit the process of data recovery.extraction complete