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VOB File Recovery

If you want to perform VOB file recovery then, you have reached to the right place. A smart solution for VOB file recovery is available here at this place. You can comfortably grab it to fulfill your need. Hard Drive data recovery software is that solution, which can fulfill your need of VOB file recovery.

Case of Caroline Bloom, who used Hard Drive data recovery smart solution to perform successful VOB file recovery, is noted below:

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Need Of VOB File Recovery Software

"Caroline's husband had a 49 minutes video of his father's 85th birthday party in three .vob files in Video_TS folder. The video was recorded & burned by a cousin, who could not provide them with original files or more copies of that video. Her husband wanted to have more copies of video but, one of those .vob files was partially corrupted. The Original DVD of that video played all 49 minutes from start to finish but, when Caroline used Memorex burner to make an exact of that video from DVD, the burner crashed due to disc error.

After that, she dumped Memorex burner and installed OEM Nero. First, she gave a good cleaning to disc and then, she tried to copy the files to hard drive. Two among those .vob files got copied successfully but, the third one failed to copy. She tried all burn and copy options in Nero but, she always got hanged up on that 3rd .vob.

She didn't want to skip that .vob file from 49 minutes video because that third .vob file last 9 crucial minutes of that 49 minutes video so, she used Hard Drive Data recoverable software to repair the third corrupted .vob file. That Windows data recovery software rendered her many advanced data recovery services for .vob file recovery. She also got the ability of recovering permanently deleted files by that software."